About RSPC

     Why RSPC ?

    1. RSPC is one stop shop for your Productivity Problems resolution.
    2. Apex Productivity Organization in Rajasthan
    3. Affiliated to National Productivity Council, New Delhi
    4. Serving organizations in Rajasthan State for 68+ years
    5. Tripartite body
    6. Organizes Training Programmes, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Lectures & other
        activities in the field of Productivity.
    7. Supported by RCCI, Jaipur

    About RSPC, Jaipur

    Rajasthan State Productivity Council (RSPC) is a non-profit making autonomous organisation established as a registered society in 1959 under the Societies Registration Act No. XXI of 1860, (Registration Number 92/59-60 dated 16/01/1960) with the objective to promote productivity culture in India. RSPC provides Consultancy and Training and undertakes research besides implementing the productivity promotion programmes of the National Productivity Council, India.

    RSPC has entered into the sixth decade of its services and continues to serve the needs of the industries. It is engaged in providing training to all levels of employees in the areas of Productivity, Quality and Human Resource Development etc. Consultancy assignments in above areas are taken up, based on the needs identified by the organizations.

    On its Governing Body it has representations from Employers, Trade Unions and Individuals/ Institutions, besides the Government. Being tripartite in character, is the unique feature of productivity movement in India.



    Publicity for the organizations placing their advertisements, on the Home page of RSPC web site, is expected to be through surfing by :
    (a) the various manufacturing and service sector organizations in the State of Rajasthan, for obtaining details of current scheme of Productivity Excellence Awards, details of past awardees, some photographs taken on the occasion
    (b) sponsoring organizations and participants from all over India, for the training programmes being organized by RSPC, Jaipur
    (c) industries and organizations in Rajasthan, for the technical programmes being organized during Productivity Week celebrations every year, during Feb 12-18.
    (d) organizations for the technical programmes organized in collaboration with Social Security Association of India, National Institute of Personnel Management, Indian Society for Training and Development, educational and trade union organizations etc.
    (e) by linkages with other organizations like National Productivity Council, New Delhi, Local Productivity Councils of the country, Rajasthan Government organizations and educational institutes  

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