RSPC undertakes Consultancy assignments in following areas based on the clients’ requirements:

    Industrial Engineering:
    Work Study - Time Study and Method Study and Work measurement for work norms and manpower requirements.
    Job Evaluation
    Productivity Linked Incentive Schemes
    Production Planning and Control
    Materials Management
    Value Engineering
    Plant Layout and Materials handling
    Maintenance Management
    Six Sigma
    Lean Manufacturing

    Human Resource Development
    Manpower Planning
    Staff Selection, Recruitment and Promotion Policy
    Developing Personnel Policies, Cadre Review etc.
    Developing Performance Management System
    HR Audit
    Training Needs Assessment
    Training and Development
    Quality Circles
    Implementation of 5-S, Good Housekeeping Practices
    Implementation of Kaizen events.

    Energy Management
    Conservation of Thermal Energy
    Conservation of Electrical Energy
    Thermal Energy Audit
    Electrical Energy Audit
    Energy Management System

    Environment Management
    ISO - 14000
    Environment Audit

    Quality Management
    ISO - 9000
    SA - 8000

    Safety Management
    Occupational Health & Safety

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