Productivity Promotion



    Period:1959- 2009

    1. Visits of (a) Technical E.D. of NPC, New Delhi to RSPC in 1960 & address to the Council. (b) Secretary General of APO, Tokyo, Japan in Dec 1964.

    2. Organization of Seminars on (a) Vitality in Public Administration-1965(b) Productivity-1966.

    3. Celebration of India Productivity Year in 1966.

    4. Initiation of Productivity Survey & Implementation Services (PSIS)

    5. Five distinguished persons consented for Honorary Membership of RSPC in 1966-67.

    6. Organization of National Seminars on (a) Farm Management in Nov 1966 (b) Challenges of Industrial Relations in 1978

    7. Participation of ten RSPC members in Asian Productivity Congress in 1980 in Hong Kong.

    8. Hosting by RSPC of National Conference of LPCs in 1982 at Jaipur.

    9. Observational Missions: Sponsoring of RSPC teams to (a) Some South-East Asian countries including Japan in Dec 1983. (b) UK, Holland, Belgium, France, West Germany, Switzerland and USA during Aug 1985.

    10. National and International Seminar/Workshops organized on Environmental Pollution Control and Management, 1988-1993 at Jaipur. 

    11. Participation of RSPC teams in (a) International Productivity Congress in 1986 in Kuala Lumpur. (b) Individual Country Study Mission of LPCs in 1988, with visits to Japan, South Korea and Singapore.  © Seventh World Productivity Congress 1990 at Kuala Lumpur. (d) International Productivity Congress in 1991 at Bangkok. (e) Pan-African Productivity Assembly in 1992. (f) Overseas Study Mission on Total Quality Management and Quality Circles to Japan in Dec 1993. (g) Overseas Study Mission to Mauritius in 1995.

    12. Hosting at Jaipur in Jan 2002 of (a) National Convention on Productivity (b) Second All India Conference of LPCs.

    13. Productivity Week celebrations: Celebration of the week during Feb 12-18, every year as Productivity Week from 1996-97 onwards on different themes, with different types of programmes at several venues, in collaboration with several organizations.

    14. Productivity Awards: Institution of Productivity Awards in Rajasthan State, in different sectors of Industry and Services

    15. In-Country Productivity teams: Organization of, and participation in, In-Country Productivity teams of RSPC from 1962, on different subjects in different parts of the country. Visits of twenty such teams have been organized so far, by RSPC.

    Local Productivity Teams:

    During the period 1961 to 1996, so far 21 teams have been sponsored to visit various parts of India, to study various productivity techniques.


    Observational Study Missions :

    So far RSPC has sponsored 6 teams to visit more than 24 countries to study Consultation Mechanism and Productivity movement of these countries.


    Participation of RSPC, Jaipur representatives in National Conference organized at Jaipur on Nov 18-19, 2016:

    A National Conference was organized on “Strengthening Indian Economy and Business: Nurturing the Present, Innovating the Future” at Department of Management Studies (DMS), SKIT, Jaipur on November 18-19, 2016. From RSPC, Jaipur S/Shri H L Chauhan & C B Bairathi, both Advisors, participated in this Conference, which was also attended by officials of several other organizations. The Conference deliberated on major Sub-themes: Indian Economy & Future Expectations, Business Leadership & Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurship in Changing Environment, Technological Developments & Scope of Operations, Business Ethics, Governance & Sustainability and Contemporary Issues in Management. Several experts presented their technical papers in this Conference.

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