President Message

    Today’s business environment is characterized by the emergence of highly dynamic and cost-driven global competition. Cost reduction and continuous improvement are becoming increasingly crucial to the future industry. Productivity is the main driver of competitiveness for all levels of enterprises and their support systems. Judicious and efficient use of resources in all activities needs to be given due importance as this will not only improve total productivity of enterprises but also reduce the input costs.

    This age is unique. We cannot afford to just do things better. We must do them differently. In fact Business has become highly sensitized and sophisticated and the most far-reaching impact of this development is on management to develop its manpower.

    Productivity Improvement is a change process – change in anyway in respect of any factor of Productivity. Prosperity can be achieved only through Productivity. RSPC is committed to do its best in the State of Rajasthan, to develop Human resource in the interest of all concerned.

    2nd April, 2012

    (Dr. K. L. Jain)

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