Trade Union Workers Development Programme

    Trade Union Workers Development Programmes

    Trade Union Workers Development Programmes have been organized with the cooperation  of all Central trade unions (Rajasthan units) namely AITUC, BMS, CITU, HMS, INTUC, RTUC successfully on various subjects, which are useful and beneficial for the working class to enhance the productivity.

    Round Table Conference on “Income Security and Health Security”

    Social Security Association of India, supported by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, New Delhi and Rajasthan State Productivity Council, Jaipur jointly organized the above Conference on Sep 12, 2015 at Ramda Hotel, Jaipur. There  were key-note addresses and presentations by Shri  Parvin Sinha, Senior Advisor, FES,Ddr. K L Jain, President RSPC, Jaipur, Shri B M Som, Secretary General, SSAI, New Delhi, Shri B K Sanwariya, former CLC (Central), Dr. S K Batra,  Jt, Director, Vidyashram, Jaipur, Shri Subhash Bhatnagar, Secretary  General, National Organization for Unorganised Workers, New Delhi, Dr. S D Gupta, Director IIHMR, Jaipur, Prof (Dr,) Suresh Joshi, IIHMR, Jaipur, Prof (Dr.) D K Mangal, IIHMR, Jaipur.
    There was active participation by the representatives of labour organizations, namely AITUC, BMS, CITU, HMS, INTUC, RCTU  and employer’s associations of Rajasthan, RSPC, RCCI Jaipur, Govt. Deptt. and others. A Souvenir brought out by SSAI, Rajasthan Chapter, Jaipur was also released on the occasion.

    Report on Inter-active Discussion Session on Unification of Labour Laws:

    An inter-active Discussion on “Unification of Labour Laws” was organized jointly by RSPC, Jaipur & SSAI, Rajasthan Chapter on Mar 26, 2015 in Rajasthan Chamber Bhawan, Jaipur. Representatives of State Level Trade Union Organizations viz. AITUC, BMS, CITU, HMS, INTUC & RTUC and representatives of State level Employers Organizations viz. EAR, FASSIR, RCCI, RTMA and FRTI were invited. Representatives from most of these organizations, RSPC and SSAI, Rajasthan Chapter participated in the discussions. At the outset Mr. U C Jain gave a brief idea about the proposed discussion. Justice P C Jain, President SSAI, Raj. Chapter, brought out the problems in this respect, like out dated laws, different amounts of compensation in different laws, problems of laws for unorganized sector and domestic labour etc. He stated that the Laws should be as per employer-employee relations. Shri B K Sanwariya, former Chief Labour Commissioner, brought out salient points of some laws which need clarity, changes, enforcement, including the needs of the Contract labour.  Shri Babu Lal Sharma, Vice President RSPC, stated that the laws should be such as not to deny the legitimate needs and requirements for the workers, keeping their working conditions in view.  Shri M L Yadav, President, Rajasthan State Committee, AITUC, stated that this work of Unification or rewriting of Labour Laws should be done at the central level, keeping the worker’s rights and needs in view, without any distinction among workers of different types. Shri Guman Singh, President, INTUC, Rajasthan State Committee also stated the labour laws being too many and too old, do need simplification & amalgamation, but the interests of the workers must be kept in view, not only while framing the laws but also in their implementation. Shri Bhanwar Singh, Secretary CITU, stated that the worker should be at the centre of benefits and their benefits should not be curtailed, but ensured in the light of current days liberated position/pattern. Shri Brij Bihari Sharma representative of Employers Association of Rajasthan laid stress on different mechanisms for organized and unorganized sector workers.  All these speakers dealt elaborately on this subject, which was followed by active participation in the discussions, by the participants. Summing up the discussions, Shri A N Roy, Secretary, SSAI, Raj. Chapter, stated that the proposed unifications and amendments now being thought, should lead to clarity and should be finalized in tripartite discussions, for better implementation of the same.


    Awareness Campaign on “Draft Code on Social Security & Welfare” on Jun 06, 17

    An Awareness campaign on “Draft Code on Social Security and Welfare”, was jointly organized by RSPC, Jaipur and SSAI, Rajasthan Chapter on Jun 06, 2017, at Chamber Bhawan, Jaipur. It was attended by 31 participants as representatives of State level Trade union organizations, Employer’s Asson. of India, RCCI, RTMA, RSPC, SSAI, PF & ESI Rajasthan organizations, Labour Law consultants, former CLC(Central) & other dignitaries.

    Shri B K Sanwariya former CLC(Central) explained the main provisions of this Code , Chapter wise and Justice Pana Chand Jain provided some suggestions for amendments and also sought suggestions from all the members present. Representatives of Trade unions and Employers organizations also presented their observations and comments. Suggestions were also given by the members, Chapter wise on various points to simplify and improve the provisions of the draft Code.  Summary of the major points is as follows:

    (a) Code does not lead to betterment of the lives of the workers.
    (b) Code deals with Social Security only & for that too, there are several missing points.
    (c) Provisions in this Code are of lower level than already existing in some states. Thus its introduction will be a retrograde step.
    (d) Future of PF and ESI organizations is unclear.

    Members have also been requested to forward written comments to SSAI Rajasthan Chapter for consolidation of the points and submission to the Ministry for consideration & final decision in the matter.  S/Shri U C Jain & A N Roy coordinated the programme.

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